Excellent Weekly Meetings/Bible Studies

You’re probably into your first week of classes by now unless you’re on a quarter system.  As people come out to check out your Bible study/weekly meetings – you definitely want them coming back.  Prayerfully some of the future leaders for your campus ministry will show up during your first two weeks of the semester.  Be sure to re-read parts of last weeks tip so that you’re up to speed. The list of past tips can be found on benrivera.org under “Ministry Tips for Student Leaders” on the right hand side.

Make Each Weekly Meeting/Bible Study Top Notch
Here are some great ideas to help you with your meetings on campus this year.  Go to: http://centerfieldproductions.com/downloads/crucomm/ Under “How To Lead a Bible Study” read articles 2-7.  You’ll have all the information you need to do a great job. It’s all there thanks to Cru.Com  Each article is very brief.

Article 2 talks about the 5 Crucial Elements for a successful meeting.
Article 3 has some great tips on preparing your lessons for success
Article 4 gives you suggestions on a good overall layout for your meetings
Article 6 helps you make sure your first meeting hits a home run
Article 7 includes ideas to make sure everyone participates in the discussion through good questions and being alert to those in your group.

This set of articles are fantastic to help you have the best possible meeting.  Read them often, apply them well.  Strive to have the best meetings on campus.

Talk to you next week,
The GodSquad Team/Ben Rivera

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