Top Tools, Strategies, and Events to consider for Spring 2020

Ben Rivera
December 10, 2019

Consider and explore the 11 steps below and share with your disciples. Ask everyone, “Which steps apply and how can we follow through on some of these points for this Spring in our ministry situation and location?”

1. Questionnaire – meeting as many new people as you can using short questionnaire the first week of classes: Questionnaire

2. Posters for your campus – Posters and Advertisement

3. Bible Study – Three Transferable Bible studies to consider:

a. Collaborative Bible Studies
b. Community Bible Studies
c. The Thrive Studies

4. Follow-up – Spiritual Growth

5. Evangelism – Three key video’s to watch: 3 minutes each (approx.)
a. Using Surveys in Evangelism – The Starting Point
b. The Big Six
c. Helping someone pray to receive Christ

6. Weekly Meeting/Bible Study format (How to ask questions)

7. Social Events – The importance of building community

8. Each week, everyone invites someone – One of the best ways to see consistent growth, step out in faith

9. Summer Missions – Check out these opportunities

10. Every Student web page – great for helping people find answers and continue the conversation to help lead them to Christ:

11. Two great tool to be ready to share your faith right on your cell phone:

a. The Godtools
b. The Jesus Film App