Bible Study Example – The Community, Discovery Level: 1 – Walking In The Light / Confession

Here is the original study on –  Below is my edited version to use in real time:

Ask someone to read out loud 1 John 1:5-9

  1. Launch Question to be answered in smaller groups of 4-6: Why might it be hard for people to believe that God loves them perfectly, just as they are?

Comment on some of the leader’s notes on page 1 (What do I need to know about the passage/What’s the Big idea/What’s the problem)

  1. In Groups: Describe a time when someone hurt you by their actions or words, or do you know of someone who was hurt by another person? Describe how it hurt the friendship?
  1. What happens to our fellowship with God (not our relationship to Him) when we turn our backs on Him and sin?
  1. Quick response to two questions for discussion:

a. Ask anyone to respond out loud: According to 1 John 1, what do you think it means to walk in the light?

b. Ask anyone to respond out loud: What do you think it means to walk in darkness?

  1. On page 2 of the lesson, explain and define parallelism. In groups, have them compare the similarities between verses 6-7 against verses 8-9. How are they saying almost the same things but using slightly different words?

Read part of the summary at the bottom of page 2.

  1. On question 9, ask anyone to answer.
  1. Ask question 15.

Pass out a piece of paper to everyone. Ask them to write down any sin they’re aware of or ways that they could be tempted. Give everyone a minute to silently ask God for forgiveness or for strength to overcome any temptation. Now have them tear up the piece of paper into little pieces and put in the trash can that you’re passing around. Say: “That’s what God does with our sin according to verse 9. Say: confess your sins as soon as you’re aware of them.

Close meeting in prayer.