March 2018

Are You Resting Properly? 

Weekly Ministry Tip, Spring 2018 #6 Photo by Ambitious Creative Co. – Rick Barrett on Unsplash Psalm 23 is a psalm of David where he recounts his relationship with God as One who is a shepherd over His sheep (us). As our Shepherd, He provides, protects, quiets, directs, leads, restores, guides, assures, comforts, anoints, is good, is love, and is ever present. That’s the God I want to serve and follow. Here’s how David put

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A Life Well Lived, Will You End Strong?

Spring 2018 Weekly Tips #5 On February 21st, we lost Billy Graham, America’s Preacher. Throughout his life, Billy Graham preached the gospel to approximately 215 million people at more than 400 crusades. Graham always stayed true to his simple message. At his final crusade in June 2005 in New York, he said: “I have one message: that Jesus Christ came, he died on a cross,

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