Leaders: Being Ready For The Fall. A Final Recap

The last five weekly tips are critical to re-read and apply in order to be as prepared as possible for the summer and especially for the fall term. Here’s the “Cliff Notes” highlights as found by scrolling down.

1. Go to last week’s tip “Looking to Easter, Another Summer Opportunity” and read the section at the bottom “Creation 2011”

2. Go to “The Good News, Reaching Everyone Who Will Respond – Let’s Be Ready”. Read the bottom of the tip under the heading, “Other Tips for Ending The Spring Well”.

3. Look at the tip, “Will You Survive and Flourish In Your Walk With God?” Read under the title, “Surviving the summer”.

4. Finally, carefully re-read this entire tip, “Plan Well For The Fall”. This tip is critical as a refresher as you plan accurately for the fall.

Be sure to contact your staff coach with any questions to help you prepare for the Fall term.

Talk to you next week.

Ben Rivera/The GodSquad Team