Christmas Conference, Prayer, and Once A Month Strategy

CRU Weekly Ministry Tip #9, Fall 2011

The Christmas/Winter Conference

The Christmas/Winter conference will be upon you before you know it. You can view video clips attached to many of the conference sites to encourage students to come. It will help build their relationship with God, each other, and discover their passion for reaching their campus and world with the gospel message. Here are three key sites to check out:
Christmas/Winter Conferences, Importance of the Winter Conference, and Raising Funds for The Christmas Conference

Keep Prayer a Priority

Keep prayer always at the forefront of your ministry on campus. Simply ask “Are we praying every week for our campus or campuses in our city?”
Prayer Walk The Campus Consider regularly prayer walking your campus.

“Once A Month” – Plan for October

Some of the things that God has called us to do is to win as many as possible to Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them out to continue reaching your campus(es) with the gospel message. Continue to help make Christ an issue on your campus with the Once A Month Strategies. What will you do during the month of October to elevate Jesus on your campus? These larger activities also help to provide more students to follow-up as well as invite to your weekly meetings/Bible studies. Keep your ministry growing with some faith stretching activities.

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera/GodSquad and CruPressGreen Team