How Far Do You Go And Whom Do You Bring With You?

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How Far Do You Go And Whom Do You Bring With You?










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Jesus had just eaten dinner at the home of a Pharisee and had also forgiven the sins of a woman of the city (Luke 7:36-50). We now see part of Jesus’ mission in Luke 8. He did not focus all of his time on just one person or one home, but He went through the cities and villages proclaiming the Good News.

One key point here is that we are to go everywhere to tell people about the Gospel message. We don’t stop with just the people around us, on our campus or even our church, but we are to reach out far and wide as strategically as we can with God’s power, direction, and prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Notice two more important points. At the end of verse one, the twelve disciples were with Him. Part of Jesus plan was to leave behind committed disciples who would carry on the work of proclaiming the Gospel message. Those disciples would in turn multiply their ministry into the lives of others as you can see in 2 Timothy 2:2.

We cannot forget that Christ came to redeem everyone who would come to Him. In verse 2-3 we see that He uses people who were once demon possessed and had major illnesses. Jesus preached to everyone no matter their sin, disability, and previous beliefs, Jews, Gentiles, Romans or religious leaders.

We are called by Christ to be a part of bringing the Good News to everyone who will listen and to people everywhere. We are to use our spiritual gifts to expand His kingdom while we have time. Notice that the women and many others gave of their means and served Jesus anyway they could.

Do we exclude sharing the Gospel to anyone based on our preferences or biases? No. How far will you go and whom will you bring with you to spread the greatest message this world will ever know?

Talk to you next week,

Ben with Cru