Want To Be On The Winning Side?

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     Grow Deep And Reach High


Be On The Winning Side


Mark 4







You will notice three important observations as referenced in last week’s tip. First, the man could represent the Holy Spirit working through those who scatter the seed. Second, the seed is the kingdom of God (the gospel message). Third, the ground is the heart of man. Finally, the earth produces the crop at different stages of development.


Growth of the believing community would increase, though no one could really explain why it was growing except that God was responsible for it (cf. Matt.16:18). Eventually there would be a harvest of the crop when God, the ultimate sower, saw that the time was right.[1]


When we consider the process of sharing the gospel message to others, we do not know where people fully stand in their spiritual interest. Some individuals may be just a seed that has sprouted – they are still a long way in their hearts and minds from giving their lives over to God. Others may be at the point (think corn stalk) where they are the blade, the ear, or the full grain in the ear.


When the time is just right (full grain in the ear) and the Holy Spirit is moving in someone’s heart, they will respond to the call of the gospel. It is always up to the Holy Spirit to move one’s heart. As we trust Him and sow the gospel seed and reap the harvest (see someone place their trust in Christ). There are some who will reject the gospel message or are not at the point where they are ready.


We are His mouthpiece, ambassador or representative to bring the good news. There is no pressure on us, it’s all up to the Holy Spirit. Sharing the good news is a no-pressure situation – God has to do it all. He has to move a person’s heart through the different stages of spiritual interest and development.


Sharing your faith is one thing you cannot lose at. Always be on the winning side.


Talk to you next week,

Ben with Cru


[1] Dr. Constables notes on Mark. Copyright © 2013 by Thomas L. Constable Published by Sonic Light: http://www.soniclight.com/