God Is Faithful To Provide

Weekly Ministry Tip #3, Fall 2014









Grow Deep, Reach High


God Is Faithful To Provide – Read John 6:1-14

John tells the story of feeding 5,000 people on the mountain side. Some interesting points of application can be drawn from this event. Read it here at this link.

Three important lessons we can learn from this story in the Gospel of John.

  1. In verse 5-6 we see that God is faithful and He will provide. Sometimes He will test us to see if we will trust Him.
  2. In verses 9-11, Jesus simply wants us to bring to Him what we have. He will multiply and supply all we need to accomplish His will.
  3. In verses 12-14, everything done should bring glory to God. We are to look to Him, give Him the glory, and give thanks.

Can you trust Him to give you the student leadership and volunteers you need? Will you trust Him to bless your efforts as you work to give many on your campus an opportunity to hear the claims of Christ? Are we willing to step out in faith and trust God to raise up all the funding you need for your ministry this year?


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Put It On The Calendar

Gather your student leaders and view this important video on the cycles of momentum

Look through this link to help you see the chart for cycles of momentum and a six-week planning sheet for your campus.

Now go to this calendar and do the best you can to fill in your important activities. Trust God to multiply all your efforts. Hope this helps.


Talk to you next week,

Ben with Cru