Everybody Counts

Weekly Ministry Tip #8, Fall 2014









Grow Deep, Reach High

                               Everybody Counts


Nicaragua Prayer Group-X2


Read Matthew 15:21-28


Jesus took His disciples and went to the district of Tyre and Sidon for some rest. This was a pagan Gentile territory and the Canaanites were ancient enemies of Israel. The Canaanite woman who approached Jesus may have believed that Jesus was Israel’s promised Messiah when she said, “Have mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David…”

Jesus initially declined to heal the woman’s daughter because he said that He was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel as expressed in verses 25-26. But this woman knelt before Him with no merit of her own or good reason for having her daughter healed. After all, she was a Gentile, who were sometimes call “dogs” by the Jews.

She continued to plead with Jesus and He saw her great faith in verse 28. This is the second time that Jesus healed someone who was a Gentile and helped set the stage for showing that He died on the cross for everyone, both Jews and Gentiles (Ephesians 2-3). When it comes to the Gospel message, everybody counts – He died for all who would call on His name.

As you consider everyone who you encounter on your campus, neighborhood, city, or other ministry location/emphasis, know that everyone counts and Jesus died for all.

Has Anyone Been Left Out?

This is a good time to take account of everyone who has come to your weekly meeting/Bible study at some time throughout the fall term. Consider who has not attended the meetings regularly but more importantly, who has not yet gone through the important foundational truths of our relationship with Christ?

Here are some steps to think about:

  1. Reconnect with people whom you have not seen in a while. Have lunch with them and invite them to come back.
  2. Be sure to establish a Facebook club page (most of you already have this) where you can help everyone to stay in touch.
  3. Have everyone’s cell number so that you can also contact people by text or phone calls with your upcoming events.
  4. Help everyone, who has not yet done so, to go through personally and/or be trained in the follow-up material for new believers. This was mentioned several weeks ago. You can find the Life Concepts here. You can also check out the “timeless” Transferable Concepts.


Talk to you next week,

Ben with Cru