What Will You Do This Christmas?

Weekly Ministry Tip #12, Fall 2014


Thanksgiving Is Here – Continue to Challenge and Finalize People Going To Your Regional Christmas Conference


This past week I wrote an email to a person involved with working with Athletes on multiple campuses in their area. They have a real heart for wanting to see the maximum number of athletes attend their regional Christmas/Winter Conference. Here is the email I sent to her. See if any of these thoughts give you some inspiration for recruiting students to your closest conference. Instead of thinking the word “Athletes,” think “Student” as it relates to your specific campus:


There are several things that come to mind as I consider bringing athletes to the Christmas conference.


  1. Athletes often have practice for their sport, even through the holidays. Is there some flex that they can come for most of the conference at a reduced price if they cannot make the entire conference? If we can get some of them there for part of the conference, that’s a victory.


  1. Is there a way to give away some scholarship? Even a third or half scholarship would be a big incentive.


  1. Every time one athlete decides to go (the specific school or sport does not matter), make a big announcement to all the other athletes. Build momentum, motivation and critical mass so athletes feel like they’re a part of something big with their fellow peers.


  1. Advertise like crazy. Don’t just use email, but use texting and Facebook. Students use everything these days. Texting might be the best way for most people. Everybody has a smart phone and they’re on them all the time. Emailing is still okay but use all avenues available to advertise.


  1. Appoint your top athlete who is going, to write a short note as to why they’re going. And blast out that note to everyone.


  1. Can you appoint one athlete who is on fire, to be your top recruiter for all of AIA in your area? Advise them, place it in their hands and work your strategy in tandem with them. If athletes hear from athletes, that’s a big encouragement.


  1. Pray, pray, pray.


Hope these thoughts help.


Happy Thanksgiving! Talk to you in to weeks.


Ben with Cru