How Do You Pray? / Looking For Your Leadership Team and Follow-Up

Weekly Tip #3, Fall 2016

How Do You Pray?


Matthew 6:1-13 gives us a wonderful example of prayer from the very words of Jesus Himself. Consider the pattern He gives us for prayer. First, He begins prayer with adoration of the Father. Next He prays for God to establish His plan in our lives and in this world.  He prays for God to provide for our every need (and bringing our every request to Him).  He wants everyone to stay clean with God by asking for forgiveness and giving forgiveness to others. He desires that we live a pure life and not fall into temptation. Read the passage again with the full meaning and application of the words.

Let God work deeply in you and pray first, so that your work for Him will be truly blessed and have greater effect. “We have not because we ask not.” (James 4:2).

Looking For Your Leadership Team and Follow-Up

Mount Everest and silhouette of climbing men
Mount Everest and silhouette of climbing men

Ministry is designed to be done as a team. This week I had the opportunity to help our leaders at Daytona State College in Daytona Florida to engage in the club fair day by doing 30 second questionnaires. Our leaders there bought at least 20 dozen donuts and several gallons of bottled water to give away. We were able to talk to many students who filled out our questionnaire.

Follow-up of all your contacts is a critical next task. People will quickly fill their time up with their personal agendas and if you are not in the mix of their lives early in the semester, it is harder for them to make the time later. So many things compete for their time and attention. Here are some simple suggestions to help:

  1. Load all your contacts into MissionHub as soon as possible
  2. Invite everyone to your first kick-off party or first meeting of the fall term
  3. Be available to meet with people individually who have questions about Cru or Christianity. Be prepared to share the gospel.
  4. Establish your leadership team as early in the term as possible if you have not done so yet. Together with other believers, so much more can happen.


Talk to you next week,

Ben with Cru