Simple Pattern To Help You Teach Your Bible Studies

Below is a real Bible study that I trained one of my student leaders to lead. It is a simple, yet transformative lesson that anyone can do on their campus. We spent about 45 minutes together looking at this lesson from the Collaborative Discipleship series. You can download one lesson at a time by scrolling down the page beginning with “Know and Love God“, and each lesson fits on one page. Consider this study called “The Bible 101”. Notice that there are three sections (in the blue bar) in the order you will lead. “Connect” is the icebreaker, “Cultivate” is the Bible study, and “Care” is application for the coming week.

After you’ve done the “Connect” icebreaker (about 7-8 minutes) go to the “Cultivate”. Under this section, it is important to understand that you will only have time to ask 8-10 really good questions that will fill up 40-45 minutes of time. You’ll see in red ink, that I ask only 8 questions, 9 if you include the icebreaker. You will want to read and understand the scripture first, so that you will know what is important to the passage. Notice carefully how I cut certain questions by putting an “X” next to them, and combined other questions into one. This was done so that I could quickly get to the important point of the passage as quickly as possible without wasting time. This is where you will have to pray and ask God to give you discernment. But it is not too difficult if you read the passage carefully.

After the “Cultivate”, I go on to read the “Care” section. Be extremely brief if you ask the two questions there but mainly you want to just read this section and ask if there are any questions. You can end the study with announcements and prayer and it’s a wrap. A one hour study that you can model to everyone so they can teach it also. This is part of building multiplying disciples. This is easy and you can do it. Have fun!