Reaching Your Campus with The Gospel Message – Always a Top Priority

Reaching Your Campus

One important emphasis to keep in mind is giving regular opportunities for students to hear the Gospel message in one form or another.   Here are some good strategies to consider:

Be trained in the “Knowing God Personally” (KGP) booklet

Be sure all your students know how to use the “Knowing God Personally” booklet.  Order some KGP’s if you need some and ask your local church to fund them for you.  Every other strategy we do on campus is dependent partially upon students knowing how to personally share the gospel with the clear opportunity to receive Christ.  Even if you don’t physically use the booklet in some circumstances, everyone will at least understand a working outline of the gospel message that they can share with others in a casual conversation.  The KGP can also be the basis for your first follow-up with a new believer.  Go to: To order, go to: click on Godsquad store.  The username is: thegodsquad, the password is: 2timothy2 This will be your best price.

Schedule in an hour or two each week to go out and talk to people on campus using surveys and the KGP booklet.  Here’s an excellent survey to use: Look for a simple transition statement into the KGP after doing the survey.

Once a Month Strategy

With your student leadership team, plan a significant evangelistic event once a month to help keep the gospel message before the campus.  Here are some ideas to consider:

I Agree With campaign

For people willing to try this, after your weekly meeting/Bible study, invite students to go out sharing on campus in pairs.   Sometimes when one puts their belief into practice their faith can be ignited.

Ask a local pastor or faculty member who has done major study on Creation vs. Evolution or a talk on the existence of God, if they would come and speak.  Always be sure to do comment cards so you can follow-up on interested students.

In October for Halloween have a meeting dedicated to addressing witchcraft and the occult.  Again ask a well-researched faculty or pastor to come and speak.

Need some research material and scholarly articles?  Go to:

Here are some thoughts and perspectives from the Godsquad:

How can you make a difference with the gospel every week?  What big event can you do once a month?  Be creative.  Don’t let timidity get you down.  Step out with a plan to share the gospel message with everyone on campus.

Talk to you next week,
The GodSquad Team/Ben Rivera

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