Follow-up of New Believers, Emphasis on Prayer

The Follow-up of New or Young Believers

For new people who have expressed an interest in growing in the Lord and for people who have recently prayed to receive Christ, now is a good time to take them through one-on-one follow-up.  On the GodSquad web page there is an excellent series to cover with someone as you meet him or her for lunch, in their room, in the union building or anywhere on campus.  Here’s the follow-up series: It’s called Life Concepts.

The Life Concepts personal series will help someone understand their relationship with God, foundational truths to internalize toward growing in the Lord, and where to go from here.  To help your fruit to last as you share your faith, begin the follow-up process with young or new believers as soon as possible.

See You At the Pole – Wednesday September 23rd and Beyond

Many Christian organizations have set aside today (Wednesday) for the annual See You At The Pole.  It is a way for Christians to be identified with other Christians and to seek God’s face to work on their campuses.  Invite students on your campus to join you by the flagpole on campus and pray for God to move powerfully this year in the lives of thousands of students.  If you need more time, ask as many students from your campus if they would join you next Wednesday September 30th.  When you think about how to pray for your school, here are some ideas.

*            Join others in praying during the See You at the Pole event.

*            Become part of a prayer duo or triplet (2-3 students praying together) –

*            Do a prayer walk around your school.

*            Most Wanted – Praying for people you know who you would like to see receive     Christ.

*            Take extra time at your Bible study/Weekly meeting this week to pray for your campus.

*            Take 15 minutes during your lunchtime every week to pray for your campus with whoever can join you.  Prayer can accomplish much.

Talk to you next week,
The GodSquad Team/Ben Rivera