Great Tool for Evangelism – Soularium

Soularium is perhaps one of the most creative and innovative tools to help you communicate the gospel message on campus.  Our Research and Development team developed this tool to encourage deeper conversations with people you connect with.  Soularium is a packet of 50 photographs in which we ask someone to go over the photo’s one-by-one and then we ask them two or three questions.

Those questions include, “Which 3 images would you choose to describe your life right now?”  “Which image would you choose to describe God?”  “When you think about your spiritual journey, which image best represents what you wish were true?”  As you ask a person these questions, you continue to encourage them by asking, “What else?” or “Tell me more?”  The person often opens up and tells you more about the deeper parts of their life.

This strategy is not only fun and stimulating, but it will give you an open door to introduce the “Knowing God Personally” booklet or your personal testimony.  Truly, this tool could do more to encourage students to share their faith then any other tool we have right now.  It is a personal and engaging style of getting into peoples lives with a clear bridge to help you share the gospel message.

We want to encourage you to buy several packets of Soularium, and carefully follow the instructions in the inside cover.  Watch what the Lord can do as He uses you in other peoples lives.  This will also help you to train others how to use Soularium with the aim of sharing the gospel.  It’s really a great tool.  Here’s what it looks like:


Here’s where you can order Soularium:

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