The Blueprint for Ministry

The Blueprint for Ministry

Win – Build – Send; this is what this ministry is all about.  Our main goal in response to our scriptural mandate in Matthew 28:18-20 is to give everyone on campus an opportunity to respond to the claims of Christ, be followed-up for growth as a believer, and the challenge to personally go out and make a difference. Nothing is more foundational to all that we do.

Whatever you’re doing on campus, whether you’re a Bible study leader, weekly meeting coordinator or a just a student coming to the meetings – everyone should be involved in sharing the gospel with others.  The Knowing God Personally booklets and the Soularium cards are two great tools.  What would it look like if everyone involved on your campus either paired up with someone or went solo, to share the gospel message with just one person each week?

Want to breathe life, motivation, and spirit into your movement?  Take a big step and share your faith once a week.  Past weekly tips will give you some training and guidance on how to use the “KGP” or Knowing God Personally booklet and the Soularium cards.

Everyone who responds to the gospel message ideally needs personal follow-up an invitation to be plugged into a Bible study.  Want to see the number of Bible studies grow?  Be sure all you teach is transferable so others can teach it (Essentials Bible study series).  Want to speed-up your students growing and maturing in the Lord?  Get as many students involved in Bible studies as possible.  That means you’ll need to train up new Bible study leaders.  Connecting regularly with believers to study the Bible and to be accountable to each other is critical.  A number of great tips on doing great Bible studies are also in previous weekly tips.  After one semester or one year, a new disciple could be leading their own Bible study.

Do you want to accelerate the process of helping someone mature in the Lord and catch a vision for your campus?  Want to build new leadership for the campus?  Invite them to your Fall retreat, Christmas/Winter conference, Spring break conference and most importantly – Summer Projects.  This is the “Send” part of Win – Build – Send.  Do all you can to get students to any or all of these conferences.  You will be automatically helping to build future leaders for your campus.  Win – Build – Send, don’t leave home without it.

Talk to you next week,
The GodSquad Team/Ben Rivera

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