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Last week we talked about the Christmas Conference and preparing for this excellent conference.  Keep in mind that some of the dates or information might not be totally up to date from the link we gave you, so cross reference the dates and information from your regions web page.  Here’s another site to check out:

When students go home for Thanksgiving break later this month, it is a perfect time for them to discuss with their parents and employers not only the opportunity of going to their regional Winter/Christmas Conference, but also for Summer Projects.  Summer projects are arguably the most life changing activity that Campus Crusade offers.  Consider going yourself if you’re not graduating and encourage others to go to the project of their choice.  Here’s the link to find video’s, application and all the information you need to know about summer projects:

For information on how to encourage students to come to your regional Winter/Christmas Conference and Summer Projects, check out some of the links on last weeks tip right here.

If you are graduating and you’re not sure what you’re doing yet, consider giving a year of your life to be an intern with Campus Crusade either in the U.S. or overseas.  This could be your next step.  Check out the opportunities at this link:

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