Practical Training In Evangelism

On the GodSquad web page there is a training called the “cojourners” which would be another great way for you to help train and encourage the students in your Bible study to step out to share their faith.  A ministry truly becomes more dynamic when evangelism is taking place on a regular basis and students all over the campus are confronted with the message of the gospel.  We believe that real hope is only found in a personal relationship with Christ.

However, students today place their hopes in so many things.  Many things are important but only one thing truly satisfies.  That is Jesus Christ.

This week, try adding the “cojourners” to your Bible study with your disciples.  The “cojourners” does not replace your study but is a short addition that you can teach at the end of your meeting time.  Here’s the link:

You can purchase the cards that are part of the cojourners but you can also print them and pass them out if you’re short on time and you need quick access.  The cojourners is discussion oriented with excellent application.  Give it a try – this is a training you could do every year with your new Bible studies on campus.

Talk to you next week,
The GodSquad Team/Ben Rivera

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