Transferability: The Survival of Your Ministry

Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”  This is a very important concept as you reach the end of each semester.   Will you be coming back?  If not, leave a legacy.  Train up disciples who will continue the ministry after you leave.

Five Major Things You Need to Do to Transfer Your Ministry

  1. Transfer leadership.  If you’re in ministry leadership on your campus, you need to be training the person who will take your place.  Here’s what you’re looking for: If you’re graduating or moving to a new campus this Spring semester, you need to replace yourself in the next two to three weeks at the latest.  If you’re graduating and leaving after next May, you’ll want to keep your eye on your replacement starting in January.  The Spring semester does fly by, begin to prepare your replacement starting from the first week of classes. What will you train them in?  See points 2-5 below.
  2. Transfer your Bible study skills and knowledge.  Be sure the person who will take your place, knows how to lead a Bible Study.  At the minimum, require them to read lessons 2-7 of “How to Lead a Bible Study”.  Here it is:
  3. Transfer your Bible study curriculum.  Model to your disciple how to lead the “Essentials” Bible study series.
  4. Transfer and fully equip your disciple to share the gospel message.  Be sure they know how to use the “Knowing God Personally” booklet in any situation.  Here’s the training:
  5. Finally, transfer your ministry to others by helping them to understand the flow and outline of activities for a typical semester or term.  Here are some ideas:

Talk to you next week,
The GodSquad Team/Ben Rivera