Planning for Your Spring Semester

This week there is no doubt all of you are thinking about your finals and getting your end of semester projects done.  In the midst of all you’re doing there are several important things you want to do to finish off the semester well with your ministry on campus.

First, gather your top students to pray and analyze how your semester went.  Here are some questions to ask and honestly evaluate:

Second, re-read the weekly tips from the last 4 weeks down below.  They will give you perspectives on how to end the Fall and begin your Spring semester/term well.

* “Transferability: The Survival of Your Ministry” – There are several critical hotlinks found in this tip that will help you plan for your Spring semester.  Specifically notice the last hotlink on understanding the flow and outline of a typical semester/term on point 5.

* “Practical Training In Evangelism” – This tip focuses on some excellent training you can do at the end of each Bible study/weekly meeting.  If you have not had a chance to start this, the Spring semester would be a great time to begin.

* “Ready for some Life Change?” and “Prepare for the Winter/Christmas Conference” – This tip is key to focus on, even today.  Have you had a chance to encourage students to attend the regional Christmas/Winter conference?  How about summer projects?  Now is the time to share these thoughts.

Third, be creative.  Collect everyone’s email, facebook, cell phone numbers before they leave for the Christmas break and send them weekly encouraging messages that will prepare them for the Spring.

Have a plan to make the spring semester/term one of the best you’ve ever had in the ministry.  Let’s work to give hundreds and even thousands of students an opportunity to hear the claims of Christ with an opportunity to be involved.
Talk to you next week,
Ben Rivera