The “Once a Month” Strategy

As part of the planning for your spring semester, we want to always be mindful that God has called us to reach the entire campus with the Gospel message.  Of course you want to start with the natural connections that you have with people that are in your classes, living situation, campus clubs, athletic teams or friends that you’ve developed since you’ve been at school.  But we also want to target the entire campus.

What would it look like if you could reach half of the students on your campus with the gospel message this spring?  What would it look like if two, three or four new Bible studies could start up?  What could happen if Christ was a regular topic of conversation in your classrooms?  What could happen if your school newspaper wrote a story about changed lives because of their involvement in Campus Crusade for Christ or whatever name your ministry goes by?

Dream big dreams for your campus.  Don’t settle for just a regular spring semester.  Try the “Once a Month” strategy.  This strategy simply involves doing one major evangelistic outreach on campus every month.  This event could give you an opportunity to create an environment where you can have natural conversations about the gospel message.  For example, in the next couple of weeks you could sponsor a Super Bowl party.  Check out this site for some ideas:

In February there is Valentine’s Day.  What about doing some event on campus that talks about the meaning of love, sex and trust in relationships.  March has spring break, and in April we celebrate the Passion Week.  There are several creative ideas to help you make a big evangelistic emphasis on campus.  Check out a wealth of ideas here:

What could you do each month to make this happen?  Step out in faith, pray and watch God work.  Try something big “Once a Month”.

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera/The GodSquad Team