EveryStudent.com – One of Our Top Evangelistic Web Sites

Have you ever tried to share your faith with someone and got stumped on what to say next?  Or maybe you felt like you wanted to give someone more information about having a relationship with God.  Perhaps you’re talking to someone that you don’t know when you’ll see them next or may not see them for a while – where can you send them where they can keep considering their relationship with God?

The EveryStudent.com web site is designed to really work with almost any of our ministries worldwide.  It communicates well to anyone who is really searching for God.  This site has some clear, informative and thought provoking articles that targets people’s hearts and what it means to know God.  Here are some specific pages to look at first as you begin using EveryStudent.com:

For a great overview of what is on the site: http://www.everystudent.info/menus2/overview2.html

Take a look at some of the excellent articles you’ll find on the site.  Think about how some of these articles will help those you are in the process of witnessing to: http://www.everystudent.info/menus/escom.html

Are you looking for some good evangelism ideas for your campus or current ministry location?  Check out some of these great ideas: http://www.everystudent.info/simple/simpleideas.html

Want to communicate through videos that can touch the heart?  Check these out: http://www.everystudent.com/videoroom.html

The most effective way to communicate the gospel message is that one-on-one personal touch with someone.  But if you’re at a distance, or you want someone to continue looking into their relationship with God on their own, the EveryStudent.com site is a great place to go.

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera/The GodSquad Team