Hit The Ground Running, Give It All You’ve Got

CRU Weekly Ministry Tip #2, Fall 2011

You’ve heard it said, “The first week of classes is the most important.” Well, it’s really true. Many freshman are coming to your campus feeling like they’re finally on their own and freed up from their parents. They’re also looking for meaning and what the next step is for their life. But most importantly, they’re more open to spiritual things and getting involved now, more than any other time of the school year. Make the most of your first week of classes.

I’m presently here at the University of North Florida helping to do spiritual interest questionnaire and following up many of the interested students as a result of the questionnaire. Today, August 22, 2011, I literally have 5 appointments set up to go and share the Knowing God Personally booklet as a result of our work yesterday. My prayer is that God will raise up many leaders this week who will play a major role in the ministry as a result of all the hard work being done on this campus.

This week, the volunteers and student leaders are doing intense daytime questionnaires at major points on campus. And this is what else they’re doing:
• Tuesday night is a volleyball night
• Wednesday is a game night of Capture the Flag
• Thursday night is their first weekly meeting
• Friday night is a big BBQ and small groups kickoff

Is the University of North Florida giving their students every chance to get involved? Absolutely! What about your campus? What can you do to capture the interest and attention of your students so that you give your ministry a chance to grow, expand and flourish for His kingdom?

Make no mistake; the first week of classes can be a ton of work. But the payoff will last you the rest of the year. Hit the ground running and give it all you’ve got.

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera/GodSquad and CruPressGreen Team