The Best Meeting On Campus

CRU Weekly Ministry Tip #3, Fall 2011

The competition for students time and attention is intense the first couple of weeks on campus. Once you’ve worked hard to invite students to your weekly meeting, why would they want to come back? Our desire ultimately is to see the maximum number of students exposed to the gospel message with an opportunity to be discipled and involved in community.

Those who respond or who are still seeking the Lord, we provide for them a place where they can grow in their relationship with God and others, and continue to find answers to their spiritual questions. This is your weekly Cru meeting/Bible study.

This week we want to ask you to read and review 7 very short (most are just over one page) articles about leading Bible studies/weekly meetings.

At this link: go to “How to Lead a Bible Study”. Read the 7 short articles there. Once you’ve read them with understanding, you’re prepared to apply these principles that lead towards the best meetings on campus. For further clarification, ask your staff coach.

Do the best you can to master the principles in these articles. Once you do, you’re on your way to trusting God to see some good things happen on your campus.

Fall Retreat

Be aware that for many of you, your closest fall retreat is just around the corner. The fall retreat would be an amazing time to help new students grow closer to God, others in your movement, and become more committed to your ministry. Connect with your staff coach or your nearest Cru ministry and ask them when their fall retreat is. Here is a great article with a solid perspective on conferences and retreats. Check it out:

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera/GodSquad and CruPressGreen Team