Preparing Future Leaders Now

CRU Weekly Ministry Tip #6, Fall 2011

I recently had a conversation with a student leader in Maryland and I advised her to begin to prepare now for next year. You might be saying, “But we’re just getting into this school year, we’re not thinking about next year yet!” However, there is something very powerful and important that you can begin to do now.

Journal Your Ministry Activities

Buy yourself a small notebook and call it your “Ministry Journal”. In this journal you want to log and describe the activities that you’re doing each week with the campus ministry. Not only describe in your journal all your activities but also how you felt things went and what changes you would make if you could do it again.

Activities you could include in your journal are:

Your leadership planning times
Weekly meetings
Bible studies
Beginning of year surveys
Social events
Prayer meetings
Reserving rooms
Printing and putting up posters
Things that went really well
Things you would do differently
Everything else you do for the ministry

By journaling your activities and what you’re learning, you are actually making an investment into the next generation of leaders on your campus.

Your journal will give the next leaders a huge head start because they’ll have a better idea of what works and what does not work on your campus. Plus they will glean from your experience so they don’t make the same mistakes you’ve made. Or maybe not just mistakes, but how to do things right the first time.

When you pass the baton of leadership this coming spring to your new leaders, you will also pass them your journal, or a copy of it. When it comes to leaders for the future, now is the time to prepare. Journaling 5-10 minutes each week could be one of the best things you do to continue the legacy of ministry on your campus.

Once we come up with a journal template you can use, you’ll be the first to know. We’ll post it online.

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera/GodSquad and CruPressGreen Team