Ready For The Christmas Conference

CRU Weekly Ministry Tip #13, Fall 2011

The time to register for your regional Christmas conference is now. Challenge students to make their final decisions over the Thanksgiving break once they’ve had a chance to talk to parents and employers. Check out this video clip from the Dallas Christmas Conference that generally shows what will happen at the conference: Video Clip of Christmas Conference.


Here is a short list of what conferences can accomplish:

• Conferences change lives. Studies show that we develop convictions from personal Bible study and Conferences of three or more days.
• Conferences are a time of bonding. Often at a conference or on the bus ride to the conference, friendships are formed which bring students from the fringes into community.
• Conferences get all those in the ministry moving in the same direction.
• Conferences help to build multiplying disciples. Conferences are just as essential to building disciples as meeting in small groups or one-to-one. Often more is accomplished at a retreat than in a whole semester of Bible studies.
• Conferences build vision.
• Conferences raise the commitment level of those who attend. Commitments to Christ or decisions to go on missions projects often happen at conferences.
• Conferences provide opportunities for training.
• Conferences give students hands-on ministry experience.

These points are from a CruPressGreen article. Go here to read more of this excellent article.

Check out the different Christmas Conferences around the country and how you can register.

Step out in faith and ask God to open the doors for you to go.

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera/GodSquad and CruPressGreen Team

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