Planning for Your Spring Term

CRU Weekly Ministry Tip #14, Fall 2011

Planning for Your Spring Term

Starting out your Spring Term being fully prepared will give you a significant advantage. As classes begin in January, your schedule will get very busy and the opportunity to step back and think clearly about the ministry on campus might not be as sharp. You’ll have many events competing for your time and energy.

Starting now and especially the week immediately following Thanksgiving, gather your student leaders for a dessert and plan out your Spring Term. Pull out your calendar and ask God how He would have you plan out your activities. Here are some starter thoughts as you begin your planning. Look at your Spring calendar and mark it, as you look at these ideas:

1. First week of classes – What can you do to blitz the campus with surveys, posters, banners and flyers so that you can gather as many interested students as possible? Let the campus know where your meetings are.
2. Are your meetings at the best possible time for most students and at the best possible location where students will easily find you? If at all possible try to find a room you can keep the entire Spring term to build consistency.
3. At the end of your first full week of classes, try to pull off a fun party event to get all your students reconnecting again in a fun way.
4. On you calendar, write down all the big evangelistic events you’d like to try. What needs to happen to pull off these activities well?
5. For personal evangelism, are you needing to train any students on how to use the “Knowing God Personally” booklet, Quest Survey, Soularium or perspective cards?
6. Of major importance: What Bible content will you cover in your weekly meetings/Bible studies?
7. What will you try to do during Spring break to help students stay involved in ministry? In the same way, when and how will you start to promote summer missions projects in the U.S. and worldwide?
8. Decide when you’ll meet each week with your leadership students to prepare for the week.
9. Are there any other issues relating to your school? Is your club status active? Does the school require service projects or some attendance at certain meetings to keep your club status? If so, who is going to attend each month?
10. Can you ask your local church, specific families or businessmen to help you with funding your campus activities?

These are some starter questions to help you think through major activities and events as you work to reach your campus.

Talk to you again the week after Thanksgiving,

Ben Rivera/GodSquad and CruPressGreen Team