The Once A Month Strategy

Cru Weekly Ministry Tip #4, Fall 2012

As we continue to look at Hebrews and the Supremacy of Christ, you will notice in chapter 1:13, 2:7-8 there are some powerful truths about Jesus.

1. His enemies will be a footstool for His feet – Heb. 1:13
2. He is crowned with glory and honor, 2:7
3. Everything is in subjection under His feet, 2:8
4. Nothing is outside of His control, 2:8

We can see that Christ is the victor over all His enemies, He will win the war in the end and Satan will be defeated. I’m glad to be on His side. Jesus is crowned with glory and honor. This distinction belongs to no one else who has walked on this earth. How powerful is Jesus? Everything is in subjection to Him and nothing is outside of His control. We serve a wonderful Messiah whom we can trust with out lives. Central to our purpose for living is to know Christ and to make Him known to the whole world.

Once A Month Strategy

Now that you have started up with classes, or you are about to start, it is time to plan and pray how you will expose the whole campus to the gospel message. The “Once A Month” strategy is a plan that you can develop along with your campus leaders, where you encourage as many as possible on your campus to consider the claims of Christ.

Why Do A Once A Month Strategy?

Our goal in Cru is to Win as many as possible to Christ, Build them in their faith and leadership skills, then Send them out to continue reaching out to your campus and the world. If we do not keep on the cutting edge of evangelism, the potential for your ministry to stall or plateau is very high. Evangelism is the spark plug that will give you opportunities to do follow-up with new people you will meet as you share the gospel. This is what helps your ministry grow and gives even more people the opportunity to hear the message.

Evangelism on campus is truly faith stretching and for many it is out of their comfort zone. As has already been shared in previous tips, be sure to train everyone in the “Big Six”, and how to use the “Quest 1.0” survey.

What Are The Strategies

Be sure to check out other excellent resources on Crupressgreen and other proven strategies but above all, be creative. What else can work on your campus? Volleyball night, pizza party, a debate, special speaker, or… For other ideas:

I Agree With Campaign
Evangelistic Weekly Meetings
Hold A Party
Relational Evangelism
Reaching Freshman

Keep the gospel emphasis central in your ministry and make Jesus an issue all over campus.

Talk to you next week,

Ben Rivera
Cru Ministry, Orlando