Messianic Prophecies/Final Suggestions For Fall Term

Cru Weekly Ministry Tip #15, Fall 2012

As we get closer to the holiday season, have you ever considered the miracles that happened at Christmas and in the life of Jesus? The Old Testament was written over a period of 1,000 years and it contains over 300 references to His coming. Josh McDowell quotes in his book, More Than A Carpenter, “Using the science of probability, we find the chances of just forty-eight of these prophecies being fulfilled in one person to be only one in ten157.

Consider these 25 prophecies that I heard from pastor Don Cousins this past weekend in church. Look up the references when you have time. You will be really encouraged. Christ’s coming to earth and his life are truly miraculous. He is the true reason for the season.

Major Prophecies–
1 Genesis 22:18–Seed of Abraham
2 Genesis 21:12–Line of Isaac
3 Numbers 24:17–Seed of Jacob
4 Genesis 49:10–Tribe of Judah
5 Isaiah 11:1–Stem of Jesse
6 Jeremiah 23:5–House of David

Fulfilled—See Matthew 1 and Luke 3
7 Micah 5:2
Born in Bethlehem (Luke 2:4-7)
8 Isaiah 7:14
Born of a Virgin (Luke 1:34-35)
9 Psalm 2:7
The Son of God (Luke 3:22)
10 Isaiah 11:2
A Special Anointing (Luke 3:22)
11 Isaiah 35:5-6
Ministry Miracles
12 Psalm 78:2
Teach using Parables
13 Zechariah 9:9
Palm Sunday
14 Psalm 41:9
Betrayed by a Friend
15 Zechariah 11:12
Sold for 30 pieces of Silver (Matt 27:3)
16 Zechariah 11:13
Silver Thrown in God’s House (Matt 27:5)
17 Zechariah 11:13
Money given to Potter (Matthew 27:7)
18 Isaiah 50:6
Treatment before Crucifixion
19 Psalm 22:16
Hands and Feet Pierced
20 Psalm 22:18
Garments Parted and Lots Cast
(Matt 27:35)
21 Psalm 34:20
Bones not Broken (John 19:32-33)
22 Zechariah 12:10
Side Pierced (John 19:34)
23 Amos 8:9
Darkness over the Land (Matthew 27:45)
24 Isaiah 53:9
Buried in a Rich Man’s Tomb
(Matt 27:57-60)
25 Psalm 16:10

So What?
1. Fulfilled Prophecy affirms the Bible as the Revelation of God.
2. Fulfilled Prophecy affirms that Jesus alone is the Son of God, the Messiah.
3. Fulfilled Prophecy affirms the Sovereignty of God.

Final Suggestions On The Fall Term

1. Take time during the last week of classes to have a Christmas party and celebrate all that God has done on your campus this fall.
2. Be sure to gather everyone’s email and phone number so that you can keep in touch with them over the Christmas break.
3. If you have not done so, set up a Facebook page for your campus so you can make all your announcements and post pictures of your ministry.
4. Show everyone the Summer_Survival_Guide This manual talks about keeping our walk with God fresh and vital through time in His Word, good fellowship and accountability.
5. Plant the seed for everyone to also be thinking about going to a Summer Project in 2013. Check it out here:
6. Be ready for your Spring Term. Hit the ground running. Here is an article with some excellent reminders:

Talk to you in January 2013,

Cru Ministry, Orlando