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17 Things to Know This Spring – #3

Tracking With Your Disciples

  1. MissionHub – Ministry Tool That Is Just Right To Capture All Your Members


Have you ever wondered what happened to Jim and Sarah? They showed up to your first three meetings of the spring term and then you haven’t seen them since. They seemed to be very interested and you had a great conversation but now you can’t figure out why they have not come back?


Have you ever had a big evangelistic/social event on campus where you ended up with 20 new people who wanted more information? You might be wondering how you could quickly connect with these people. You did get their email and cell phone numbers but one person cannot effectively contact 20 people with an email, phone call and possibly a lunch appointment. What can help us?

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.06.21 PM

MissionHub is a database created by the tech team of Cru, in Orlando, for the express purpose of helping ministries with the questions raised above. The site is a central contact information storage for all the people in your ministry. Each student can have access to this site and play a part in keeping it updated. Here are some positive benefits:


  1. First, your Cru staff coach has to invite you to join the site. Then you can download MissionHub on your laptop, tablet, or iphone/android phone.
  2. You can import your current database and/or add students manually.
  3. MissionHub allows you to delegate to student leaders the task of following-up certain people in the database. Everybody shares the load.
  4. Extensive notes can be taken for each student so you can track their spiritual progress as you disciple them.
  5. Emails and texts can be sent to all the people in your ministry with the stroke of a key. Everyone will be up to date on meeting times, locations, special events, changes in the calendar or anything else.
  6. Here are a couple of important 2 minute training videos, to view, to bring you up to speed –
  7. How to add contacts
  8. Delegating contacts to your leaders


If your campus has an already established MissionHub database, begin using regularly throughout the spring term. If you are not sure you have MissionHub set up, contact your Cru staff coach first because again they will need to invite you to the site. They will need to call the site, “Cru at (your campus)” so the name will be recognized easily on MissionHub by your staff.

Get your MissionHub running and use it daily/weekly to track with all the people in your ministry. Next week we’ll talk about the next step in discipleship.

Talk to you next week,

Ben with Cru