Discipleship, The First Three Things To Model To Others

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17 Things to Know This Spring – #5


Discipleship, The First Three Things To Model To Others:


Last week we talked about the importance of building closer relationships as you grow your people into multiplying disciples. With the backdrop of friendship, trust, and exhibiting the love of Christ to others, there are foundational building blocks to encourage and model to your disciples. Here are the first three:


Christie and Sarah sharing with ROTC student on the UNF campus
Christie and Sarah sharing with ROTC student on the UNF campus


Give your disciples a heart for those without Christ by taking them with you to share the gospel message. Do this as often as you can. My suggestion is to take them out to witness, on a weekly basis. Team up with your disciples as you share the message of Christ. You will help them overcome fear, increase their faith, and become experts at communicating the gospel. This is the most important message anyone could hear. Take the lead, bring your disciples with you and leave the results to God.



Prayer unleashes God’s power, blessings, and confidence because our trust is completely in Him. Prayer is an act of faith and commitment to Christ. When you pray regularly with your disciples, you demonstrate your dependence on Him and your boldness to ask Him for specific things. Ministry can sometimes be difficult. Give it over to God by taking all your requests to Him in prayer. Pray out loud with your disciples, pray about everything.



Everyday we should all strive to get as much of God inside of us as we can. The best way to do that is through a regular time in reading, meditating and studying the Bible. One of the first steps in God revealing His will for us is to seek the truths, commands, and encouragement from the Word of God. A daily devotional does not have to be complicated or overly detailed. But our time in the Bible needs to engage our hearts to the heart of God by reading and listening to Him as He speaks to us through the Bible.


Talk often with your disciples about what you’re learning from the Bible. Encourage in them a hunger for the Word so that it might develop habits of regular devotions. Model evangelism, prayer and devotionals to your disciples. After all, Jesus did these very things as observed by His disciples.


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