Rapid Growth In Your Personal Life And In Ministry

Weekly Tip #6, Spring 2015









Grow Deep, Reach High

17 Things to Know This Spring – Part 6


Rapid Growth In Your Personal Life And In Ministry











Anytime you are able to escalate your personal growth, maturity and training as a believer, the greater will be your effectiveness. By escalate we’re talking about:

  1. Experiencing greater intimacy with the Lord through His Word and in prayer
  2. Becoming proficient in sharing your faith
  3. Effective in leading others in Bible studies and in personal discipleship/relationships
  4. Understanding the steps, process and purposes for building a movement in your ministry situation
  5. Knowing where to find, harness and apply ministry tools to increase your effectiveness
  6. Intentionally placing yourself in an environment where you are hearing, reading, and discussing how to take faith steps in your personal life and ministry
  7. Knowing how to do all of the above for a lifetime


If you’re looking for a place of rapid growth in ministry, encourage your disciples to attend important conferences, retreats and missions trips. People who take the time to step away from their normal routine and schedule, in order to focus on steps 1-6 above, give themselves a wonderful opportunity to experience true transformation before the Lord, Romans 12:1-2, Hebrews 12:1-2.

From time to time, we all need to experience the renewal of our minds, making godly decisions in all areas, the commitments we rekindle, and the increase of our understanding and skill level to be effective disciples for the Lord. This is why we have activities outside of your normal routine. Here are just two great opportunities to think about:

  • Consider next month attending the Big Break. The Big Break is a creative opportunity to learn how to share your faith, trust God in a big way, gather inspiration from the conference speakers, and increase your relationship with your disciples.
  • Go on a Summer Missions trip. Do you want to go on a trip where you will see major life change? The Summer Projects might be just for you. Check them out.


More ideas to come next week,


Ben with Cru