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Grow Deep, Reach High

17 Things to Know This Spring – #7

Rapid Growth In Your Personal Life And In Ministry – Part II


Be sure to preview the first half of last week’s tip. This tip is a continuation. If you’re looking for a place of rapid growth in ministry, encourage your disciples to consider the following:

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  • Consider doing missions, full time for a year.
  • If you are presently in the marketplace working full time, or you are going to work after graduation, stay engaged with the mission Christ has has called you
  • Fall and Spring retreats/conferences – check with your local staff member on these great opportunities. The Christmas/Winter conferences will be updated again this fall.
  • Consider attending some great fall and spring retreats and conferences sponsored by your local church.


Place yourself and your disciples in a position where you get away from your normal routine to give the Lord an opportunity to work in your heart and life with less distraction. Jesus Himself took many opportunities to get away with His disciples to teach and train them. He was the best example.

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