Ready For Easter

Weekly Tip #9, Spring 2015









Grow Deep, Reach High


17 Things to Know This Spring – #9, “One More Big Event”

Do One More Big Evangelistic Event


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Easter Strategies

Easter is upon us in about 2 weeks. Take some time this week with your leadership team to consider how you might make Christ’s death and resurrection a topic of conversation on your campus. This could turn out to be the final big evangelistic push for the year, especially if your finals are done by the end of April. Give it your best effort and see what God will do. Check out these fun Easter outreach ideas: start with strategy 202 and following… Easter Strategies.

Reach Many and Challenge the Few

As a follow up to last week’s tip, be sure to make your selection and challenges now for your Fall 2015 leadership team. This is always a critical step to insure the baton of ministry is successfully passed on to the next generation of leadership on your campus. Don’t let the baton drop. The continuation of the ministry on your campus depends on it. Here is the link to last week’s tip.

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