Plan Well For The Fall – Be Fruitful

Weekly Tip #10, Spring 2015


 17 Things to Know This Spring – #10,

“Plan Well For The Fall – Be Fruitful”

Grapes in hand

One of the important activities you want to be sure to include is to plan your ministry for the Fall. Here are the reasons you want to plan now:


1. While you have all your leadership together, you can celebrate what God has already done on campus. Evaluate your year and look for ways to be as effective and efficient as possible.


2. As you plan carefully, you are able to hit the ground running once August/September comes along. Your planning will already be done – it’s a matter of implementation.


3. Finally, you build excitement, hope, and unity for the future. Here are some things to think about:

As a group, read and study:


Make it a goal to do this fall planning in the first or second week of April.


Talk to you next week,


Ben with Cru