Waiting On The Lord’s Timing / Keep Track of Your People

Weekly Tip #5, Spring 2016

Waiting On The Lord’s Timing


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This week I read the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis, chapters 37-50. Abraham and Sarah had a son they named Isaac. Isaac had two well known sons named Jacob and Esau. Jacob had twelve sons who became the ancestors to the 12 tribes of Israel. The next to the youngest son was Joseph.


Joseph’s dreams (Gen. 37:8) seem to indicate that his ten brothers would bow down to him and he would rule over them, along with his father Jacob. They became jealous of this thought and sold him to a passing caravan that took him into slavery in Egypt (Gen. 37:28, 36). Joseph was a slave and in prison under Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, for eleven years. After that he served under the Pharaoh directly. For approximately 22 years, Joseph did not see his family after being betrayed by his brothers.


The day came when Joseph would finally meet his brothers. His dreams from 22 years earlier would be realized. God’s timing was perfect. Joseph could have had his brothers executed when he saw them because of possible bitterness and resentment. But that was not the case. Instead, Joseph told his brothers a powerful and inspiring statement found in Genesis 50:15-21. Check it out at this link.


God’s timing is perfect. God is faithful. God is sovereign. Wait on Him.


Keep Track of Your People


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It is important for you to track with the people who have either attended or have expressed an interest in your ministry. Whether you’ve done a survey table, large evangelistic event, pizza party, advertising campaign or any strategy that has helped to gather people, you need to carefully follow-up with them as soon as possible. Not everyone will be interested in your ministry, but you want to contact with the most interested first, and then work your way down the list.


One of the best tools, created by the Cru ministry to help you track with those who have shown an interest, is MissionHub. First, talk to your local Cru staff and have them set up your ministry as a contact on MissionHub, if it has not been set up yet. Secondly, become familiar with how to work the site from one of my tips here: Capture All Your Members – MissionHub. Keep your ministry growing by carefully connecting with every interested person.


Talk to you next week,


Ben with Cru