God Provided in the Old Testament / Celebrate You

Weekly Tip #13, Spring 2016


How did God provide? He provided in many ways for Israel.

 Food on table

  1. Continuing from the previous tip – We saw how God miraculously provided for the children of Israel as they began their journey through the wilderness, on their way to the Promised Land. We saw in Exodus 15:22-25 and 17:6 that God provided water for them by turning bitter water into sweet water and bringing water from the rock.
  2. In Exodus 16:11-12, 35, God heard Israel and He fed them meat at night and manna (bread) in the morning.
  3. In Exodus 17:8-13 God protected Israel by defeating the enemies along the way.


As one works their way through the book of Exodus, there is still much more that God did to provide for Israel. At the same time, there are lessons to learn from God’s commands and the shortcomings of the people. There are truths to uncover that will take more time to develop. But the first lesson we can emphasize, is that God desires to meet the needs of Israel as He has called them to the journey through the wilderness.


Do we actively recognize the daily provision of the Lord in our lives today? Do you see what God wants to do in your ministry environment and situation? Are you grateful and obedient for all He has done? Are we understanding and following the truths of Scripture as we study it daily in our lives?


God wants to bless us and provide for us.


Celebrate You

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Now is the time to plan an end of year celebration with a great purpose. Plan for food and fellowship in your final party and have these agenda items in mind:


  1. Celebrate your new and/or returning leaders for the fall. Thank the Lord for leaders who will sacrifice some of their time and energy to see a ministry of evangelism and discipleship happen on campus in the fall.
  2. Celebrate all of the students who have been involved throughout the year. Be sure you’ve gathered their contact information so you can stay in touch for the summer.
  3. Celebrate continued growth and spiritual maturity throughout the summer months. Summer Survival is very important. Encourage students to be faithful in attending church and being a part of a discipleship group for accountability.
  4. Celebrate and encourage those who are going on a summer missions project. Also, celebrate those who will be a part of Summer Connect, right where they live (that could be you, check it out).
  5. Celebrate what God has done this past year and celebrate what He will do this fall in your ministry situation.
  6. Finally, celebrate and worship the Lord, the giver of life, our Redeemer and the One who gives us purpose for living.


Talk to you next week,


Ben with Cru