Strive for Great Weekly Meetings/Bible Studies

Fall Ministry Tip October 2017

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Why are your weekly meetings/Bible studies so important?

Why are your weekly meetings/Bible studies so important?

  1. How you conduct your meetings will determine if people will come back and stay involved.
  2. The content you use will have a big impact on giving students a solid Christian worldview, accurate Christian theology, and prepare them to become multiplying disciples now and in the future.
  3. The relationships and bonds you form will encourage everyone to stay connected in a deeper way and build unity and boldness to share the message of Christ all over campus.
  4. Helps you to build a multiplying ministry by helping your natural leaders to get involved in teaching
  5. Application towards outreach and close relationships are enhanced by having excellent studies. Our goal is to build lifelong disciples who will help us reach the campus with the gospel message.

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Easy plan for each meeting:

  • (5 minutes)  Introduce yourself. Be personable and real. Always get the names and cell numbers for new people who come  Use MissionHub.
  • (1 minute)  Pray for the meeting. You do it. Keep it short.
  • (10 minutes)  Have each member introduce themselves and work this into an icebreaker – be creative and other sites you can find online. Be careful of your time.
  • (1 minute)  (Communicate purpose of your group time  – Say a little bit differently each week and/or bring out a different aspect each week)
  • (35 minutes)  Bible Study time –  choose one of the studies from:

Discovery Level Studies

Training Level Studies

Action Level Studies

The Thrive Studies

  • (5 minutes)  Prayer and announcements – Encourage everyone to come next week and bring a friend.

Important Tips for your Bible Study time:

  1. Stay with the consistent, foundational, discussion oriented templates of the suggested Bible study series above. The studies are easy to teach and imitate. You will find it easy to help those with the desire and the natural gifting to teach the studies once they see you do it.
  2. Keep to a good easy flowing format as suggested above – this will save you time and make each study complete. But you always have the freedom to be creative and switch things up.
  3. Be sure to take the time to carefully read the first two pages of the Bible study for background. Also, carefully read the passages of Scripture highlighted in the study.
  4. Choose the top 6-8 questions you’ll want to ask. You will not have enough time to ask all the questions from each study. First, start by asking the “Launch” question. Carefully choose 4-5 questions from the “Explore” section. Finally, ask 2 questions from the “Apply” section.
  5. By following a solid Bible study series, it helps keep someone from teaching something that could be controversial or off target from what young students need. Strive to always keep your studies foundational and Biblically solid.

Talk to you again soon,

Ben with Cru