Great Faith, Great Vision

Weekly Tips, Spring 2018 #9

Three weeks ago, Bekele Shanko, Vice-President of Global Church-Led Movements with Campus Crusade for Christ, shared his testimony in a church service in Orlando. He described the miracles as he saw his life, his family, and his village in Ethiopia, transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When you get a few moments, check out this 34 minute video. You will be inspired as you listen to what God has done. You are guaranteed to be encouraged.

The Importance of Ending Your School Year in Prayer 

Review the last four weekly tips for reminders on how to end your school year. There is much that can be done to make sure you prepare for the Summer/Fall and hit the ground running.

Consider the importance of praying for even greater things to happen next year in your ministry situation. Find some time to gather all who are available, to pray that God will work powerfully next year. You may be doing the greatest thing possible by ending your year in prayer. Go for it!

Talk to you next week,

Ben with Cru