50 Ways to Build Relationships

50 Ways to Build Relationships

Give them a call just to talk.

Kidnap them for a coke, ice cream, shoot some hoops or take a walk when you know they are in the midst of heavy studying.

Drop by with some cookies.

Do laundry together.

Go to church.

Grab lunch or dinner together.

Drop by for a brief unscheduled visit.

Go shopping.

Walk to class.

Play sports.

Go to an athletic event.

Go to a Campus Crusade function.

Send a note or card to tell them you’re praying for a test they are having or a concern- they have shared.

Play a not too brutal practical joke on them.

Drop by their room before their 8:00am class bearing orange juice and a doughnut and walk with them to class.

Run errands.

Share Christ with someone.

Ask for their help on anything, such as studies, a rider advice, etc.

Wash cars.


Have dinner at your place

Ask them it there is anything you could pray about for them.

Make a midnight doughnut/coffee run.

Go to a movie.

Attend a concert.

Get some frozen yogurt between classes.

Rent a video.

Go on a summer project.

Do something special for another person in the group.

Join the same club.

Go to a park and go hiking.

Study together.

Take some classes.

Play on the same intramural team.

Ride to a conference together.

Room together at a conference or retreat.

Cook something.

Go on a double date.

Take them to your hometown.

Write them a letter.

Call them during school breaks, like Christmas summer; etc.

Have a Video marathon with trilogies like Star Wars, Anne of Green Gables or Back to the future.

Take a bike trip.

Layout in the sun.

Go camping.

Work on a project.

Make a video.

Order a pizza after studying.

Watch a favorite TV show.

Do volunteer work.