Once a Month Strategy

Once a Month Strategy

We want to encourage you to begin and/or continue the practice of doing at least one big evangelistic event each month on your campus.  You want to give as many students as possible the opportunity to hear the claims of Christ with a chance to consider placing their trust in Him.  As you make Christ an issue on campus, you will give your ministry the greatest chance to continually grow.  You will create a stream of students who you can invite to your Bible studies and weekly meetings.  Without regular strategic outreach on campus, your ministry can stagnate and simply become a fellowship group.

You want you to continue to have outreach into your campus community as you trust God by faith.  God has called us to a life of faith and not necessarily a life of comfort and routine.  Let’s shake things up in fun and meaningful ways on campus.  Here are some thoughts:

  1. Sponsor a speaker who can do a good job on a current topic, which will allow him to communicate the gospel in relevant and effective ways.
  2. Have a debate on creation vs. evolution, the occult vs. the supernatural, or the existence of God vs. atheism.  It does take some careful planning with the right speakers who have good knowledge for this to be successful.
  3. Sponsor a seminar on “successful study habits for maximum grades”, “being careful in a world with STD’s,” “Islam and the Koran,” or “how to stay out of debt and save money”.
  4. Do an “I agree with” campaign.  Here’s the details: http://www.godsquad.com/evangelism/iagree.htm
  5. Do a special survey with a giveaway prize.
  6. Sponsor a pizza party as an opportunity to meet new people.

Whatever you do each month, the critical piece is to be able to pass out a response card so that you can always follow-up on people.  If you don’t have a response card, the potential for a lasting impact can be cut short.  Give students who are truly interested, after the event, an invitation to reconnect with you.

Keep up the great work.

The Godsquad Team/Ben Rivera