Follow-Up of New Believers and Interested Contacts

Follow-Up of New Believers and Interested Contacts

Each semester one of the critical events is the follow-up of students who have either prayed to receive Christ or who have expressed an interest in getting involved.  These may be students who filled out a survey, attended one of your semester opening parties or activities, or even someone who has already attended your meeting but you have not seen since.  Sometimes a student may not fully get involved with you by just coming to one meeting.  It may take some personal visits and phone calls.  We need to be their friend and show that we’re interested in them personally.

We do live in a world that is becoming more impersonal and detached.  People need real contact with a physical presence.  Technology is great, but it still does not beat the handshake or arm around the shoulder.  That gives real discipleship a chance to blossom.  When you do get together with new believers, here is a great follow-up program you can cover with them in a warm, personal and casual setting:

If you’re really wanting get to know someone in a discipleship building relationship, here are some fun ideas for you to consider: and

In summary, connect with people as soon and as often as you can after they express an interest.  Cover important growth principles with them one-on-one if they’re not able to be a part of your Bible study right away. Be personal with them and build a genuine friendship with them.  People will often come to a meeting and continue to come because they feel like they’re going to meet their friends there.

Talk to you next week.

The Godsquad Team/Ben Rivera