Tools on the Web to Help With Ministry

This weekly tip is a reminder that there are some excellent tools on the web to help you as you move your campus ministry to the next level.

If you’re making a defense of your faith by writing a paper, doing a talk, preparing for a debate on a social/academic/religious topic, here you’ll find a wealth of information to help you: – wealth of articles and opinions. – scholarly articles for campus apologetics. – online evangelistic site.

For sites to help you with ministry tools and ideas: – our main site for tools. – for follow-up of new believers. – great site to train and motivate your students. Sign up today. – ideas on advertising your ministry. – connection to the campus ministry. – for working with high school students. – excellent for graduating seniors.

We hope that some of these sites will help you with your ministry.  At least you’ll know that they exist for whenever you or someone else needs some information.  Take your ministry to the next level.

Talk to you next week.

The Godsquad Team/Ben Rivera