Spring Break and Summer Projects

Consider making your Spring break count next month.  One fun opportunity is the Big Break conference in Panama City Beach, Florida. There will be about 3,000 Campus Crusade students who will be driving down to share the gospel with the 200,000+ Spring breakers who come down to party.  There is also a special Haiti relief emphasis that we’ll be a part of.  You’ll need to sign up right away if you want to come.  Here’s the web page: http://big-break.com/

One of the best and most life changing activities Campus Crusade does is Summer Projects.  Think about really making an investment in your own life by attending a project of your choice.  More on this next time. Check out this site as openings for each project are starting to fill up: http://gosummerproject.com/

There is also a Spring Break conference with the Impact Ministry to check out: http://www.impactmovement.com/articles_view.asp?articleid=64368&columnid=1764

For ways on how to encourage your students to come with you to a Spring Break/Summer Project, check out these links on the GodSquad: http://godsquad.com/sending/index.htm

Talk to you next week.

The Godsquad Team/Ben Rivera