Eye on Future Leadership, Continue With Outreach


Graduation and transferring to other schools is a normal part of campus life with the students involved in your ministry.  If you are coming back in the Fall, I would say the transition from this Spring to the Fall should be smooth.  The transition toward future leadership on your campus is always critical so that your campus ministry will continue without interruption.  We are about a quarter of the way through this Spring semester, here are some important points to consider:

  1. Who will take over the leadership if you personally will not be back?
  2. Who will take over the leadership if others involved with you will not be back due to graduation or transferring?
  3. Who will you begin to train and prepare for leadership for the Fall?

It is never too early to begin thinking about these questions, which is why it is important to begin making plans.  Here is a good link to help you in this area: http://godsquad.com/leading/delegatetodevelop.htm


Keep doing evangelism.  Be sure you’ve trained your new students in the use of the Big Six: http://godsquad.com/evangelism/bigsix.htm If you haven’t yet, turn the Bix Six into a Bible study and do it in one of your studies.  Take students out weekly with you to share the gospel with others.  Use the Quest Survey 1.0 to help you open up conversations: http://quest.campuscrusadeforchrist.com/pdfs/quest1.pdf This is really easy but requires you to be bold and intentional.  Always be sure to take someone with you so you can model it to him or her.

Make the precious short weeks you have each semester count in eternity.  Now is the greatest time to impact the next generation of leaders on today’s college campuses.  Go for it.

Talk to you next week.

The Godsquad Team/Ben Rivera