Personal Devotionals

With so much happening on your campus at this time of the year, it is always a great idea to step back and ask how your personal walk with God is doing.  As you’ve read these weekly tips, you’re deciding what you’ll be doing during your Spring break, following-up on people who have come to your weekly Bible studies, keeping advertisement strong on campus, sharing your faith, and having effective meetings each week.  There is much to think about.

Your time with the Lord is also very important.  Allow God to minister to your heart so that all you do will come from the overflow of your walk and devotion to Him.  Here are some ideas for you to consider for now or in the future, as you think about your devotions to the Lord:

  1. Keep your devotions simple, consistent, and heart felt.  This is your personal connection to the Lord.  This is between you and God.
  2. Read a book of the Bible in a month, slowly and devotionally.  No need to rush, just take your time and read for your heart.
  3. Journal your devotionals by writing down what you feel the Lord is telling you from the scriptures each day.
  4. Memorize scripture – maybe just a couple verses a week.
  5. Commit to spending five minutes with the Lord for five days a week to start with.  Once it becomes a habit, go to seven days a week and bump up to ten minutes or longer.  Be consistent with five minutes first before you go longer.  Keep your goals low and work for success and consistency.  Everything will work up from there.
  6. For variety, if you’d like supplement your time with the Lord by reading a devotional.  This is to supplement but not to replace your Bible reading.  Here are some good sources:
  7. Read through the Bible in one to three years: or simply Google the words, “read through the bible in a year” and you’ll come up with several good sites.
  8. Here are some devotional tips on the GodSquad: and

Your personal devotions – don’t leave home without it.

Talk to you next week.

The Godsquad Team/Ben Rivera