Preparing for the Fall Semester

We want to continue with one point we brought up in last weeks weekly tip.  Careful planning for the fall is critical so that you can hit the ground running.  Potentially, the greatest number of students will get involved and stay involved throughout the year, because you found them the first week of classes.  Make your first week count.  Here are some important ideas to consider doing this week or next as you prepare for your Fall.

  1. Set a time to gather your student leaders/faculty advisor/key helper from the community/pastor or anyone who is important to help you plan for the Fall.
  2. Before you leave for the summer, be sure these key things are in place:
    1. Confirm your leadership team for the Fall.
    2. Reserve a good central location for your weekly meeting/Bible study if possible.
    3. If you are able to secure your weekly meeting/Bible study room, think about printing your posters and flyers so you’ll have them ready to go before classes begin.
    4. Reserve locations where you can put up your posters around campus.
    5. Reserve a location and table for you to do your surveys as you gather and meet new students for the first week of classes.
    6. Decide what you’ll study in your Bible studies this fall and purchase/print the necessary materials.  Consider doing the “Essentials” Bible study or a study. See the recommended Bible studies on the GodSquad –
    7. Plan your ministry opening party at the end of your first week of classes so you can connect with new people on a personal level.
    8. Ask your local church if they will help fund your ministry to buy food, print materials, and other things you’ll need.
    9. Your first big outreach for the Fall semester should be your campus wide surveys.  Plan your second big outreach for late September.  Always keep outreach a top priority in your ministry.
    10. Don’t let these details to start off your Fall semester fall through the cracks.  The first week of classes is your most important week of the whole year – make it count.

Talk to you next week,

The Godsquad Team/Ben Rivera