Careful Evaluations of this Past Year

As you gather with your leaders to plan for your fall semester, there are some questions you will want to discuss and answer so you can accurately plan for the future.  Here are some questions you might ask:

  1. How did we do at gathering new people at the beginning of each term (semester) this past year?
  2. Were our weekly meetings and/or Bible studies top notch in terms of how they were conducted?  Did we get the right speakers to come?
  3. How did we do at planning monthly evangelistic events on campus that gave many an opportunity to hear the gospel message?
  4. Did we cover the most important, foundational material in our Bible studies?  Was the material transferable?
  5. How did we do with follow-up of people who either filled out a survey or came to a meeting and we haven’t seen for a while?
  6. Did students attending our meetings feel welcomed, loved and accepted?  Were we able to do some social events to get to know people in an informal setting?
  7. Were we able to train students in evangelism – The Big Six?  Were we able to go out on a regular basis to share the gospel with students on campus?
  8. Were we able to regularly pray for our campus ministry?
  9. Did we do a good job at personally inviting people to our weekly meetings?  How did we do with advertisement?

10.How was the funding for our ministry?  Are there some churches and some individuals who helped with regular gifts?

11.Were we able to get the maximum number of students to the Fall retreat, Winter Conference and Summer Projects?

Be honest as you answer these questions because they will serve to help you establish a ministry that is multiplying, evangelistic, and transferable.

Talk to you next week,

The Godsquad Team/Ben Rivera