Keep Your Walk With God Consistent This Summer

As you reach the end of your school year, one of the most important ways you can encourage your students is to help them succeed spiritually during the summer.  Summer time can be a challenging experience for some as they go back to their old friends and the temptation to fall into old habits is high.  Resolve to make this summer one where you stay connected to your local church.  Start up a Bible study, if one is not yet established, and continue to walk with God through regular devotionals and personal prayer.

Here is a page on the GodSquad website which will help you as you keep your relationship with God vibrant and alive:

Check out the different links on this page as well.  And of course, stay connected to your staff coach if you have any problems during the summer and need advice and prayer.

If you still have a week or several weeks left to your school year, be sure to preview the last 4 weekly tips to end your year strong and begin your fall semester with a running start.

Yours for a great year and for a good start this fall,

The Godsquad Team/Ben Rivera